Managing sweaty feet in work boots

Many people who do manual labour and need to wear heavy workboots find that they have sweaty feet. Not only does this feel uncomfortable, but it can also lead to unpleasant side effects such as skin infections and foot odour. Here are some tips if you find your feet sweating excessively. 

Head to the pharmacy for deodorant and foot powder

It's a good idea to choose a deodorant that is specifically designed for feet. Powder can also help to absorb moisture and manage odour. Many foot powders also have some anti-microbial ingredients which can help to manage bacteria and minimise the chances of skin infection. These can be purchased from most pharmacies. 

Switch up the socks

If you can choose what kind of sock you wear, it's good to find a natural fibre such as wool or cotton blend. These fibres tend to breathe more and can help manage foot sweating. This is not an option in all industries, as some users need to wear fireproof or acidproof socks to comply with safety protocols.

Fully air the boots each night

For people that do tend to sweat heavily, it's common for the sweat to soak through the socks and into the lining of the boots. It's important to fully dry and air the shoes between wear to stop bacteria from building up and adding to the issues. If you're finding that the shoes are not naturally drying overnight, then you can either alternate between multiple pairs of boots or force drying by using a hairdryer or similar device. 

See a podiatrist

If you find that you are sweating profusely, particularly if this a recent change, it can be a good idea to have your feet examined by a medical professional such as a podiatrist. They can determine if there are any underlying issues which have caused this change and help to give you some advice to manage this issue going forward. There are several more serious avenues that can be pursued if the issue is causing embarrassment or discomfort, including Botox injections in the sweaty sections of the feet or, in serious cases, surgery to cut the nerves to the sweat glands. 

If you are embarrassed or uncomfortable due to foot sweating you should get some medical advice. There are a range of products and treatments that can help you to manage foot sweat and foot odour so you can be comfortable at work.