Home Care Packages: An Introduction

If you're considering a home care package for a loved one, you may have questions about what's available and how to choose the right one. This blog post aims to answer some common questions about home care packages.

What is a home care package?

Home care packages provide older Australians access to a range of coordinated services tailored to meet their individual needs. A home care package can include personal care, domestic assistance, social support, transport and respite care. Home care packages also provide access to a case manager who can help to coordinate services and connect clients with other community supports. This can help to reduce social isolation, improve wellbeing and maintain independence. There is evidence that home care packages can also help to delay or prevent entry into residential aged care. For Australians who want to remain living in their own homes, a home care package can provide the support they need to do so.

Is there funding available to help pay for a home care package?

Several factors are used to calculate the fees for home care packages. The first is the amount of care and support that you need. This will be determined by an assessment conducted by an Aged Care Assessment Team. They will look at your physical, social and psychological needs and recommend the required level of care. The second factor is your income and savings. The Australian government offers subsidies and grants to help people pay for aged care services if they cannot meet the cost themselves. You will need to provide financial information regarding your income and savings so the government can determine how much of a subsidy you are eligible for. You may be asked to contribute to the cost of your care by paying a fee. One option to pay this fee is to use personal savings or sell assets, such as property or investments. It is best to speak to a financial advisor or the government department which manages aged care provision to find out more about the funding options available.

If you are considering a home care package for a loved one, hopefully this article has answered some of your questions. Carrying out research can help you find the right provider and ensure you receive any financial support you are entitled to. Contact a home care provider like SUNRISE HOME CARE to learn more about what they have to offer.