How to look ten years younger

Lots of people dream of looking younger, but very few are willing to endure the expense or discomfort of plastic surgery. Fortunately, there are lots of effective ways to get back that youthful glow without resorting to invasive, costly surgical procedures.  Here are a couple of simple steps you can take to look several years younger. 

Treat your skin well

Few things reveal your age faster than the condition of your skin. Issues like sunspots, deep forehead wrinkles and crow's feet can make a person appear far older than they actually are. If your skin isn't looking its best, consider booking an appointment with a local dermatologist. They will be able to identify your problem areas and provide medical-grade products and treatments to address these issues.

For example, if you have quite a lot of fine lines and hyper-pigmentation, they may offer you a few sessions of micro-dermabrasion or chemical exfoliant applications. For deeper wrinkles which are harder to treat with standard skincare products, they might suggest using a strong retinol cream and getting anti-wrinkle injections. Although the effects of the latter are temporary, the results are impressive and as such, they may be worth investing in if you are looking for an effective treatment for your wrinkles.

Update your makeup routine

Makeup can be a wonderful tool with which to enhance your best features and hide the ones you're less fond of. However, if you use it incorrectly, you may end up unintentionally aging yourself. The cosmetic products that suited you during your younger years are unlikely to suit you today, especially if, like many people, your skin type has changed over time.Older skin tends to be drier and thinner than younger skin; so you may find that the matte-finish foundation that looked so wonderful on your teenage complexion now sinks into your fine lines and emphasises your dry patches.

Severe, opaque makeup colours should also be avoided as a person ages. For example, excessive amounts of jet-black kohl liner might look quite modern and edgy on a young person but will usually look very harsh and unflattering on older eyes. 

To ensure that the makeup you wear gives you a youthful glow, opt for subtler, softer shades and textures that suit both your current skin type and your personal style. A foundation with a slightly dewy finish will add radiance to your complexion, while still covering up any unevenness, blemishes and sunspots. Similarly, a kohl pencil in a chocolate brown or slate grey shade, gently smudged with a makeup brush will draw attention to your eyes without looking too severe. Cream blushes and sheer lipsticks are also great for adding a subtle pop of colour and sheen to your face.