Teaching Your Child To Wear Their New Prescription Glasses

If your child has problems with their vision and is prescribed glasses from a young age, they may be anxious or self-conscious about wearing them at first. Here are some tips on how to teach your youngster to wear their new prescription glasses with pride!

Check for comfort

If you notice that the child is continually removing the glasses, check that the fit is still comfortable and correct. Kids grow quickly and their glasses can become too tight, causing them to pinch over the bridge of the nose or behind the ears. Glasses that are too big will slip forward and become irritating.

It's very important that your child doesn't get into the habit of removing their specs because they're not comfy to wear. This can lead to eyestrain and headaches. If you're not sure how to check the fit of your child's glasses, take a trip to the optometrist for further advice.

Little and often

When your child first wears glasses, they may complain that the specs feel heavy or uncomfortable.  For this reason it's important that you don't insist that your child wears their glasses continually in the early days.

Start by asking your child to wear their specs for short periods of time, ideally when they are taking part in an activity they really enjoy. This helps the child to forget all about the glasses as they gradually get used to the feeling of them on their face.

It's also helpful to choose a time when the child is happy and not overtired, especially with younger kids.

Positive attitude and motivation

Kids can be very self-conscious about wearing glasses, and this is where your own attitude is crucial.  If you wear glasses yourself, your child may find their own specs more acceptable.  You can also make your kid's glasses seem really trendy by pointing out famous people who wear glasses, including pop stars, sports stars, and other celebrities.

Tell your child that they look 'cool' in their specs, and be sure to give them plenty of say in choosing their own frames.  If your child can pick their preferred design and style, they will be much more likely to want to wear their new glasses.

If your child has to wear glasses for activities such as watching TV or reading, make sure that their teachers are aware of this.

In conclusion

Wearing glasses for the first time can be quite traumatic for a child.  Follow the tips given above to help your child become accustomed to their new specs, and ask your optometrist for more advice and guidance if necessary.