Winter Skin Care Tips

When winter arrives, it brings with it a new set of challenges for your skin.  Although the sun may have gone, central heating, icy wind, and rain can all cause your skin to dry, chafe, and crack, potentially leading to wrinkles and a dull complexion.  Here are some top tips on winter skincare to keep you looking healthy and glowing this winter!

Consult a pro

If you tend to suffer from skin problems, it's a really good idea to have a chat with a therapist at your local spa or salon.

You may benefit from regular facial treatments, and many salons offer their own-brand skincare products that are often less expensive than the top labels, although just as effective.

Oil-based moisturisers

During the winter months, it's a good idea to change your regular moisturiser for an oil-based one.  These are best for winter skin care, because the oil they contain forms a protective 'skin' over your face, helping to keep moisture in and block the effects of cold winds and drying indoor air.

It's worth noting that night creams are often oil-based so all you may need to do is simply swap your night cream for the product that you use during the day.

Guys should not feel left out!  There are plenty of moisturizers available that are formulated specifically for men, leaving your skin feeling smooth and supple, without making you smell like a lady!

If you tend to use face masks, peels or astringent cleansers, try to avoid doing so during the winter months.  All these products can leech moisture and oil from your skin, leaving it parched and highlighting wrinkles.  Instead, choose a mild cleansing foam and opt for hydrating facemasks.


If you enjoy winter sports and go skiing or snowboarding, remember that the sun can still damage your skin, even if the temperature is below freezing.  Keep wrinkles at bay by using a medium factor sun-block product on your face, and apply it an hour or so before you venture out onto the piste for maximum protection.

In your home

When you put your central heating on, the air inside your home can really dry out, potentially causing your skin to become dehydrated and wrinkled.  You can help to combat this effect by investing in some small humidifier units or even simply placing several bowls of water around your home to help keep the air from becoming too arid.

In conclusion

Winter time can spell problems for your skin.  Keep wrinkles at bay and look great right through until spring by following the tips given above.