Understanding Micro BTE Hearing Aids

The initials BTE stand for behind-the-ear, meaning that the hearing aid is worn behind the ear in contrast to the ITE (in-the-ear) hearing aids worn insider the ear. The bigger part of the hearing aid is the receiver, which is usually located behind your ear. A small tube connects it to an ear mould that is fitted in your ear canal.

BTE hearing aids are the largest of the hearing aid options available. However, you may come across micro BTE hearing aids that are smaller to cater to individual preferences for smaller BTE hearing aids. The good thing about BTE hearing aids is the size; a larger size means you can insert larger batteries that don't get drained quickly. It's good to note that you have the option to choose rechargeable or non-rechargeable micro BTE hearing aids. You can also easily apply amplification to BTE hearing aids when compared to other types of hearing aids.

What, therefore, are the circumstances that would make you choose micro BTE hearing aids over other hearing aid styles?

Do You Wear Glasses?

If you wear glasses, maybe because your vision is impaired or you want to protect your eyes from sunlight, you might not find BTE hearing aids suitable for you. The glass's resting arms may interfere with the hearing aid placement. However, if you don't require glasses, micro BTE hearing aids are the most suitable feature-wise.

Do You Have Problems Accessing Small Buttons?

Some hearing aids have small buttons; if you have large fingers or find it hard operating small buttons, you should choose BTE hearing aids because they have bigger buttons that you can find and press with ease.

Do You Mind Whether People See Your Hearing Aids?

Some individuals do not like it when people see their hearing aids, and therefore they choose other styles that are more discreet (placed in the ear or the ear lobe). You should know that micro BTE hearing aids are smaller in size when compared to traditional BTE hearing aids and are available in multiple colours. Even though the hearing aid might be visible, you can control what people see (choose a colour or design that matches your appearance, that is, a kind of ornamental hearing aid).

You should, however, try and consider the micro BTE hearing aid features more than the appearance. You of course want to get the most out of your hearing aid, which is clear hearing, long-lasting batteries, comfort, Bluetooth features, rechargeable features, amplification ability, etc. Reach out to a micro BTE hearing air provider in your area to learn more.